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PDF Password Cracker

PDF Password Cracker Pro is a software program for cracking passwords on PDF documents. This tool allows searching for owner and user passwords to open a PDF file.

PDF Password Cracker Pro uses Brute-Force and Dictionary attacks to recover PDF passwords. This application is capable of bypassing security settings on a PDF file whether they are owner or user passwords, regardless of the password’s length.

Owner passwords prevent PDF files from being printed, edited or copied. It also prevents the texts and graphics being elected. User passwords are required to open or access a file.

Both passwords are decrypted by PDF Password Cracker Pro if the passwords are created by standard PDF security. It does not support cracking passwords that were created by third party plug-ins.

This software program is a standalone application that does not need Adobe Acrobat in order to crack or bypass passwords for accessing and editing files.

Overall, this is an easy to use program to allow users to access PDF files. This product also supports non-English characters in passwords and saves the password search state automatically and resumes in case of a stop or crash.

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PDF Password Cracker Pro


PDF Password Cracker Pro 3

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